Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Reply to Mario's wonderful Open Letter addressed to Journalists

hey mario, wow, very well written, its so important to also highlight the good energy, unfortunately we tend to only look at the bad one. Also, perhaps not many people read newspapers or articles on the net. People talk to one another and when we talk we tend to put our own persepective into it, if its a bad one it spreads like wild fire. I for one tried to read the message, however it is so verbose that half way through I gave up. As you correctly pointed out, the language that the Vatican uses is not so simple. Therefore this may inadvertedly give rise to violence and reaffirmation to people at large that homosexuality is 'bad'. I think one very simple basic thing that the vatican could do is to write easy reading artices. They seem to forget that its not a them and us situation but its a we and until they realise this it will exclude those people who really want to feel part of the church but cant and simply refuse to. In doing so they alienate people from the church and create the opposite effect of what they want, that is for people to move towards the church and God. I dont feel that I am part of the church because I cant feel part of something that for so many years has caused me so much pain BUT and I say it with a big BUT I know in my heart that I am a loved child of God and at this point in time no matter what the Pope says about homesexuality, gender issues etc etc is of no importance to me. So the work that Drachma is doing is of huge importance, as it has worked for me it can work for others. In a way its creating a liason between the people at large and the church. Lets carry on with this wonderful work and lets show the people at large that we too are worthy children of God.