Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Tough Way (some thoughts about Joe Zammit's fundementalism)

Dear guys et al,

I take my time in answering such emails because I like to absorb and let things simmer gently in my soul. If I answer immediately, instinctively I would be aggressive. Joe Zammit's comments are not exactly forgiving.

In any case, I woke up thinking about Tonio Borg and the bishop's comments, I wonder what they really think when they are alone with themselves!! On a human level do they really believe that their fellow brothers and sisters are less than them? On the one hand if they truly follow their Christian values, I think not. On the other hand the political arena is a different ball game, both the Church and the government are political so their reasoning might be different. For the latter I think yes, for the former I am not so sure!! What they really feel and think deep down inside is another matter completely.

Nevertheless, somehow this morning I thought of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and President Barak Obama. In some way or other, they suffered oppression, some direct, some indirect. My favourite of all these great men is Gandhi, in a way he really emulated Jesus Christ. He did everything from the perspective of love, exactly in the same way Jesus did. He suffered a great deal but in the end he was victorious, just like Jesus. He held on to his truth and that was to do things out of love, despite the circumstances he found himself in. Jesus' greatest commandment is to love, no matter what, love thy neighbour even if they are down right stupid. I am pretty sure that both Gandhi and Jesus had their moments and just wanted to send everyone to blazes but that was the easy way. The easy way does not bring results, the tough way does. For some it comes easy for others its a little bit harder. I must confess that I would really like to emulate some of Jesus' ways and do things out of love, however really and truly, I find it quite hard.

Well, I would say that for Drachma right now this is a hard moment, am I safe in saying that some of us really want to reply in the same manner that we are treated? Obviously you don't have to answer, I am quite sure that for some the answer is yes. Yes, instinctively it would be really human to do so. However, if we are firm in our beliefs, that is that Jesus loves us in spite of who we are and exactly the way we were created then why let people like Joe Zammit( or whoever it might be)get to us? He is but another modern day Pharisee and unfortunately there are many like him. However, he is still a creation of God, so as a friend rightly put it, he too is not a mistake, he too was created with love. So the only way to go about it is to reach out with love, keep on doing what we have been doing. Creating bridges, inviting great speakers and people. Talking with members of the church and we all know that we have been greeted and we have had very important fruitful discussions.

Even though it is difficult, lets take the tough way, be patient, be silent, reach out, as Mario puts it, forge our way forward with love and respect for all who don't understand us. In the end, I'll bet not in our life time, others will reap the fruits of the seeds that we sow. Like Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and so many others, we too have to wait but our time will come.